My Camping Trip

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Stokes State Forest Map

I went on a camping trip with my class. It was at Stokes Forest. On the trip I did archery where I show an arrow at a target. I also did boating where I sat in a row boat. There an activity where I had to walk across a log to hug a tree. We slept in cabins at night. There were som team building activities where we did things together too.

It was kind of a fun trip so I might want to go again.

One Response to “My Camping Trip”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Mom was sending me pictures the whole time you were there, and it was really nice to see how much fun you were having. Maybe we can do archery together someday. I used to do that at camp when I was your age, and I loved it.

    PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Can you believe that you’re FOURTEEN YEARS OLD???? I love you!