The Simpsons – Father Knows Worst

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What was the date?


What was the Episode about?

The Simpsons go to a boardwalk carnival.  Marge is home alone and changes the water heater.  She finds a secret door in their basement that has a steam room.  Homer is eating shish kabobs and burns his tongue on a stick that is on fire.  He gets a cast on his tongue and when they remove it, everything hurts him due to the fact that his old taste buds were replaced by new ones.

Homer is upset because he cannot eat anything.  Lisa gives Homer food from the cafeteria, which has no flavor, therefore, Homer can eat the food.  He goes to the cafeteria and embarrasses Bart, serving Jello because he had no money for his lunch and must work to pay.

Homer meets a parent that hovers over her son (helicopter parenting).  She points out to Homer that his kids will never be successful if he does not help them.  Homer points out to Marge that if they both do not help their children, they will be failures.  Homer tries the helicopter parenting and tells Bart to build the Washington Monument for the school contest.  He also tries such parenting with Lisa, demonstrating reverse psychology on his friends (Toledo Takeback), to teach her how to become popular.

Homer takes Bart to a hobby shop and changes the project to building Westminster Abby.  Homer has Lisa throw a party with her new found friends.  Homer has a bad dream while making the Westminster Abby and winds up smashing Bart’s model.  Bart winds up winning due to the fact that his entry looked like a kid really did it.  Bart admits that his father did it and tries to convince all the parents to stop with the helicopter parenting.  Lisa also does not like what has been going on and gets rid of her “new life”.

What was your favorite part of the episode?

A funny part is when Homer throws himself with Lisa and Bart to the man to juggle.  Marge’s steam room dream is funny.  The janitor sweeping in the wrong kid into the classroom was also funny.  When Homer pulls on the door that says push to get out and then breaks the window instead of pushing, it was silly.

Homer sleeping while building the Westminster Abby model.

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  1. Aunt Debra Says:

    You did such a good job writing this, I felt like I was watching it and laughing along with you!