My Sims review

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Today, i found a site called My Sims Wiki. I really love it, as i love the MYSims! This sitte has deatils on the games and charectors, as well as other stuff. you will really like it! “I hope”! So anyway, i give this 5 thumbs up, if you know what I mean! i found out some facts about some Mysims i didn’t know about before. i also enjoyed reading transscrpits on my sim shows. I’m so glad i found this site, and i will do it almost every day! In fact, i’ll do it tomorrow morning! I really can’t wait to do it! I will have tons of fun with it! and fianlly, i’ll act out the scripts with a freind, or make my own!

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  1. Nick T. Says:

    Hi Liam,

    Sounds like a really cool site that you found! I will check it out to see if there are any shows that I watch on there for me to find more facts about.

    Your doing a very great job on your blog this week! Keep up the good work!

    Nick T.