Nasty Patty

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One morning, the Health Inspector comes to the Krusty Krab. He asks for one of everything on the menu, and after that, he say he just needs a plain Krabby Patty. But then on tv, a news flash comes on, saying that a guy is posing as a health inspector. Mr. Krabs is furious, and thinks that the real inspecotr is the impostor, so he adds revolting stuff to the Krabby Patty. Before the inspector can take a bite, he acidently chokes on a fly and knocks himself out.

Spongebob and Krabs think he’s dead and burry him. But then the police come and While stalling them, the health inspector it starts to rain, and the inspector slides down the hill. the police bring Spongebob and Krabs back to the Krusty Krab, and Krabs tells Spongebob to hide the inspector in the freezer.

But the back door is locked, so Spongebob hides the inspector in his hat and hides it in the freezer. The female ploice officer asks for ice in her soda but Mr. Krabs tries to stall her. Finally Mr. LKrabs confesses, but the inspector is not in the freezer. The police thinks the inspector turned into a zombie, but when he comes all dirty and tatterd, the police knock him out, and realize he’s just a plain old health inspector. In the end, The inspector passes the Krusty Krab for the fear of getting hit on the head again.

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