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this episode is about Spongebob getting the suds.

Plot: Spongebob wakes up one night hungry, so he makes himslef a seanut butter and Jellyfish Jelly sandwich. After one bite he instantly falls alseep. However, he leaves the fridge door open, and by the next day, Spongebob’s house and everything in it is frozen solid. When Spongebob wakes up, he’s sick and has the suds, which causes Bubbles to shoot out of him everytime he sneezes. Spongebob tries to go to work, but when Mr. Krabs finds out he’s sick, he sends him home. SPongebob calls Sandy and asks if she can take him to the doctor. Sandy agrees.

Patrick asks Spongebob where he’s going, and Spongebob tells him he’s going to the doctor. Patrick is horrified and tells Spongebob how horrible the waiting room and magizines are. Now scared to go, Spongebob asks if Partrick will be his doctor. Patrick complies.

Patrick tries to cure Spongebob by plugging his holes with corks. When Spongebob sneezes, he blows up. Thinking the treatment is working, Spongebob tries to call Sandy to not to come, but his fingers are too big for the buttons. Patrick calls her, and Sandy tells him he’s not a doctor, and that she’s still coming.

Patrick tries to cure Spongebob by doing ridiculaous things, such as pulling one of his teeth out and putting a Seanut butter sandwich on his foot. When Patrick realizes that Sandy is here, he tries to hids SPongebob by disgusing him as a rock, but he is revaled. Patrick and Sandy then start fighting over Spongebob, and in the struggle, he is set loose. Spongebob then rolls down a hill to the Krusty Krab and Sneezes a big sneeze, destroying it and returns to normal size.

At the hospital Spongebob gets the Sponge treatment and gets better and even gets a lolipop. Jelous, Patrick pretends to have the suds, but is subjected to painful treatments for impersenating a doctor.

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  1. Mom Says:

    Great job, Liam! I’m not sure I would like a seanut butter sandwich – I think I’ll stick with regular peanut butter!! Love, Mom