I Was A Teenage Gary.

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This is about Spongebob acccidently turning into a snail.

PLOT: After playing with Gary, PAtrick comes, saying the the annual jellyfish convention in Ukelee is this weekend! Spongebob says he can’t go, because he dosn’t have anyone to take care of Gary. Spongebob decides to ask Sqidward.

At first, Sqidward says no, but after he relizes that Spongebob and Patrick are going away for the weekend, he agrees to do so. But when spongeob is giving instructions on how to take care of Gary, Sqid is’nt really listening. After spongebob leaves, Sqidward forgets to feed Gay, because he was too bsuy relaxing. after spongebob returns, Sqid realizes he forgot to feed Gary! Sqid feeds Gary all the morning cans but gary isn’y respoinsive. When Spongeob sees Gary, he is horrified, so he calls the doctor.

The doctor gives spongebbo Snial Plasma to give Gary. But he’s too afraid, so he asks Sqid to do it, But he accidently injects Sponegob with the plasma. that night, Spongebob opens a can of night food for Gary, But somehow eats it all! then He burps and meows! Then his movement, ” and voice,” slows down. Then his eyes strech out like a snails! he then loses his arms and feet, and his pants become a sort of shell. Now Spongebob is a snail!

Then Sqid sees the transfomed spongebob and freaks! Spongesanil chases him through his house, wrecking it. In the end, Sqid also recieves the plasma and becomes a snail too. in the end as all three snails sing, Patrick throws a shoe at sqidsnail.

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