The Simpsons – Dangerous Curves

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What was the date?


What was the Episode about?

The Simpsons are driving and pick up a hitch hiker.  The episode then has a flashback to 20 years earlier when Homer and Marge are still dating and first meet Flanders.  Then they flashback to only 5 years earlier when Homer and Marge’s car breaks down and they wind up at a party.  Home begins to do the limbo with a woman he met at the party.  Marge gets very jealous and upset and says she wishes she never met him.  Back to the present time, the Simpsons arrive at Kozy Cabins. 

Then there is another flashback to when the Simpsons met Flanders.  They are at the Kozy Cabins and Flanders makes them sleep separately.  Flanders is on his honeymoon.  Another flashback occurs to the time when Homer began talking to the other woman.  Marge begins talking to a man she met at the party who takes her for a plane ride.  Sylvia, the woman that Homer is talking to, tells Homer he does not need Marge.

The man takes Marge to the same Kozy Cabins that they were at with Flanders.  Homer also winds up there with Sylvia and Marge hides the man in a chest.  Eventually, Homer puts Sylvia in the chest and Homer and Marge rekindle their past love. 

Then Sylvia and Umberto come (present day), and we find out that they were married.  If it had not been for Marge and Homer introducing them, they would have never have met.  With another flashback to Flanders honeymoon, we find out that Homer wrote Marge and Homer 4Ever on a tree and he finds it after leaving Marge.  The tree falls while Homer is trying to take the carving back to save their marriage and the fall into a ravine together, and make up before the hitting the water.  Bart and Lisa pick them up in a pedal car and they live happily ever after.

What was your favorite part of the episode?

When Bart is playing Cereal Killer and shoots the Captain Crunch look alike.  Another part was when the toddlers Lisa and Bart are tickling their grandfather.  It was also funny when Homer throws Sylvia in the box with the man.  Another funny part was when the camping items wind up falling on Homer.  When Flanders and his wife try to stop young Homer and Marge from interacting, I thought it was hilarious.

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