House of Mouse – Season 1 Ep 10 – Donald’s Lamp Trade

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What was the date?  


What was the Episode about?

Donald Duck gets hypnotized by Jafar and is told to get the Genie Lamp.  Meanwhile, someone is stealing the food and Goofy needs to figure out who it is.  Gus turns out to be the reason for the missing food.

What was your favorite part of the episode?

When Donald’s Woodchucks go hiking on a trail and they show the HUGE trail, I couldn’t stop laughing.   It was also funny when Donald’s house falls down the hill and he is stuck to it by a string and goes skiing and then gets hit with all of the things falling out of his house.  I especially thought it was hilarious when he set off the bomb and blew himself up. 

I liked when Donald broke the box holding Noah’s Flood. 

It was funny when Jafar turned Donald into a real ham.

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