House of Mouse – Season 1 Ep 7 Unplugged Club

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What was the date?  


What was the Episode about?

Pete breaks into the House of Mouse and turns off the electricity.

What was your favorite part of the episode?

I liked the Mad Hatter spinning tea cup gag.  Minney telling Mickey to take a spin in his hamster wheel was also funny.  The part when the boss yells at Donald and Pete was funny as well and when they switched places.   I also loved the entire pop goes the weisel gag. 

In Mickey’s Cabin, I liked how Mickey tried to make Pete and his cousin go against each other and how they proped their eyes open with baseball bats.  I liked how Mickey tricked them into the Jail.

It was funny when Pete took Goofy’s clothes and couldn’t fit into them.  Also, when Zeus shocked Pete.  When the Magic in a Bottle made Grumpy into Happy.

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