Sesame Street Episode 3374

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When Grover and a Monster competed for Mr. Johnson as waiters. and Mr. Johnson fainted at the end. Spaceship surprise was good with planet Ch.

My Skiing Vacation

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On Saturday we went to Colorado. Due to a disabled plane on the runway, we had to go to another airport after we landed! I hope this never happens again!

On Sunday we started skiing. I skied with my instructor, Paul. He is very nice. I quit early because it was so cold. My parents were a little upset. I went in the pool too.

On Monday I did a better job. My parents felt a little better. I also watched the Simpsons on DVD and went in the pool again.

Tuesday was my day off. I went to the library to get books. I got vanilla ice cream. I went out to eat at a Swiss restaurant. Finally, I went in the pool and played spaceship.

On Wednesday, I went to Adventure Ridge. I had a great time tubing and jumping on the trampoline. I jumped so high, I went really high in the air!

Thursday I did a great job skiing. I felt so proud of myself. I also went to see Rango, a movie about a cartoon lizard. I went with my sisters, Amanda and Eva and bought a bowl of popcorn and drank two glasses of water.

Friday was my last day skiing. Due to me doing an awesome job with Paul, I was allowed to get a Spy vs. Spy magazine. Later I went swimming one last time. I cannot wait to come back next year!