Muppets Tonight

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I liked the staler and waldof gag. When Carl’s mom ate the man was funny. The villige spiders made me laugh. When John’s mom was hit by the door. The calf joke. When Sal GOT SWALLOWED by the earth.

House of Mouse

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I liked when Jafar hypnotized Daisy. When Horace hit the VCR. the pluto fets the paper cartoon. I liked the donald cartoon. The house of duck gag. When Donald’s trying to get the audience to clap. When goofay was talking backwards. i liked the clock gag.

Billy and mandy the sechubls

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i liked the smurf spoof. i also liked it when the big female smurf attacked grim. The ending was good too. i also laughed when Billy got away by the schubls.

Billy and Mandy – Scythe 2.0

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When Billy’s gets cooked. When Mandy gave Grim the long list and Grim makes the Scythe do it all.

Billy and Mandy – Runaway Pants

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When billy coudln’t run and mandy walked on him. when grim imagined billy’s head exploding. when billy came running in the room. when billy took the fast food guy’s clothes. when they beat up the narrator.

Welcome To The Spaceshow- Film festival.

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On March 20, 2011 I went to the Asia Society with my father to see Welcome to the Space Show, a US Premier at the New York Film Festival. I really was excited to be there because I really wanted to see it. We were in our seats at 2:45 waiting for it to start at 3:00. In it, 5 kids find a dog, who turns out to be an alien! I liked watching it in Japanese with English subtitles. It was easy to read them. I gave this movie 2 thumbs up.

Sesame Street Episode 3374

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When Grover and a Monster competed for Mr. Johnson as waiters. and Mr. Johnson fainted at the end. Spaceship surprise was good with planet Ch.

My Skiing Vacation

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On Saturday we went to Colorado. Due to a disabled plane on the runway, we had to go to another airport after we landed! I hope this never happens again!

On Sunday we started skiing. I skied with my instructor, Paul. He is very nice. I quit early because it was so cold. My parents were a little upset. I went in the pool too.

On Monday I did a better job. My parents felt a little better. I also watched the Simpsons on DVD and went in the pool again.

Tuesday was my day off. I went to the library to get books. I got vanilla ice cream. I went out to eat at a Swiss restaurant. Finally, I went in the pool and played spaceship.

On Wednesday, I went to Adventure Ridge. I had a great time tubing and jumping on the trampoline. I jumped so high, I went really high in the air!

Thursday I did a great job skiing. I felt so proud of myself. I also went to see Rango, a movie about a cartoon lizard. I went with my sisters, Amanda and Eva and bought a bowl of popcorn and drank two glasses of water.

Friday was my last day skiing. Due to me doing an awesome job with Paul, I was allowed to get a Spy vs. Spy magazine. Later I went swimming one last time. I cannot wait to come back next year!

Yeti or Not, Here I Come – Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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When the abominable snowman sings.  When they imagined how life would be with the condor.  When Billy was chased by the villagers.

Billy gets an A – The grim adventures of billy and mandy.

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When Billy when imagining mandy as a monster. When Billy squirted snot was good. When Billy got all the answers right.

Billy gets an A